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Monty & me by Louisa Bennet (aka L A Larkin)

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed MONTY & me. There is murder, drugs, killer bees, rogue scientists, a jail break and yet, despite the sadness of loss, there was also a lot of fun with many laughs along the way as Monty solves the murder of his best friend and master, Paddy, with the help of his new friend, Detective Rose Sidebottom.

Give The Devil His Due by Sulari Gentill

“Give the Devil His Due”, the 7th novel in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series, begins with a piece of 1927 news from the Richmond River Express and the Casino Kyogle Advertise on the Moroubra Speedway. A concrete bowl race track that despite the banks being too steep for humans to walk up were not steep enough for the speed with a number of competitors losing their lives driving...

Murder in Suburbia by Emily Webb

In Murder in Suburbia true-crime author Emily Webb has investigated a number of cases that most people won’t have heard about. Emily Webb has tackled some of the most bizarre crimes in Australia, those that leave investigators scratching their heads. As the title suggests, most of these crimes were committed in people’s homes. Most of the victims were what police would...

Deserving Death by Katherine Howell

Deserving Death is the seventh in Katherine Howell’s series of Detective Ella Marconi books. For those unfamiliar with the series, Katherine writes about paramedics, and the crimes they encounter –and sometimes create. Deserving Death opens with the disappearance of a young, female paramedic, the second in a few months. As the murder investigation gets underway,...

Currawong Manor by Josephine Pennicott

This is an enchanting book. Enchanting because of the wonderfully detailed descriptions of life in Sydney and in the nearby Blue Mountains immediately following the end of World War II. But also enchanting because of the carefully unfolding mysteries of the extraordinarily engaging characters who inhabit these pages, and who are entangled in a complex jigsaw of emotional intrigues and personal...

The Scent of Murder by Felicity Young

The Scent of Murder, the third book in the historical mystery series involving autopsy surgeon Dr Dody McClelland, is a fascinating exploration of the period as well as a very satisfying crime plot. Set in the time of the suffragist movement there is a significant amount of period and forensic research behind the writing but the information is skilfully woven into the story and never...

Drowned Vanilla by Livia Day

Drowned Vanillais book two of the Café La Femme series – a culinary crime novel. The ice cream obsessed Tabitha regrets her earlier entanglement with solving crime in A Trifle Dead. She is now focussed on developing all ice cream flavours (except vanilla which everyone else wants) in her hipster café and sorting out her somewhat confused love life. Tabitha...

Northern Heat by Helene Young

Northern Heatbuilds suspense the way the cyclone that threatens Cooktown makes its presence felt – slowly at first, then with tendrils of heat and tension that swirl around the characters, drawing the reader into a world of lies, violence and murder.
Conor Woods has been working on a trawler and also as a coach in Cooktown’s youth centre, trying to...

Love You to Death: a story of sex, betrayal and murder gone wrong by Megan Morris

Once again, journalist and 2008 Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Award (EVA) winner, Megan Norris turns her skills to writing true crime with the story of the attempted murder of Chris Soteriou.  Beginning the story with the attack of Soteriou after his lavish 40th birthday party celebration on a street in Fitzroy, Norris builds the picture of a Greek couple who have everything...

The Herb Gardener by Maris Morton

Maris Morton, winner of the Copywrite Limited Agency (CAL) Scribe Fiction Award in 1910, has written a new novel that incorporates a couple of her past vocations.  The story revolves around the heroine Joanna and her love interest Chris and the murder of a young carpenter who had been working on Chris’s farm. 
Joanna is a school teacher, and she, with...

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