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Tell the Truth by Katherine Howell

Katherine Howell understands the mechanics of a good thriller.  Start with a crisis then rachet up the anxiety while muddying the waters. In Howell's Tell the Truth, the crisis concerns the disappearance of a young female paramedic, whose car is discovered in a parking lot with a suspicious amount of blood on the driver's seat and floor.
Tell the...

eSide, a Journey through Cyberspace by Goldie Alexander

What a mystery! Goldie Alexander has certainly caught me intrigued in this novel with all the beautiful and descriptive language used. The adventure and justice drive in best friends, Melody and Sam leads them on all sorts of mystical adventures in order to recover the café's Good-Luck-Conch. Emotions of the characters were well conveyed through mere actions, adding another...

Present Darkness by Malla Nunn

South Africa during the 1950s and the fissures of apartheid run deep. People are divided not just by race, but also within themselves, and Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper embodies all the contradictions. 
Of course there's a crime, several in fact, to get things moving. A white prostitute is snatched from an alleyway in downtown Johannesburg; a middle class high...

Beams Falling by P.M. Newton

Beams Falling is a powerful book that explores trauma and its legacy in the guise of a police procedural.
The central character is Detective Nhu ‘Ned’ Kelly, the child of an Anglo-Australian veteran and his Vietnamese wife who were killed in front of their children, their murders unsolved. Ned first appeared in Newton’s award...

Blood Secret by Jaye Ford

Jaye Ford’s title of master of psychological suspense is well-deserved. Blood Secret is a taut thriller that draws the reader into the lives of Rennie Carter and Max Tully. After spending most of her life on the run, never staying more than six months in any one place, Rennie has found the kind of security in Haven Bay that she’d thought was only possible for ‘normal...

A Murder Unmentioned by Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill likes to tease, blithely slotting real people and events into a crime series set in the 1930s relating the fictional adventures of artist and gentleman of leisure, Rowland Sinclair.
In the opening pages we are introduced to pioneer aviators, Charles Kingsford Smith and a young Nancy Bird, giving Rowland a lesson in aeronautical acrobatics at the Mascot...

On Fathers Day by Megan Norris

In 2005 just down the street from our home, a divorced father and his 3 sons enjoyed a Father’s Day meal at the KFC.  A few hours later, those boys and their father were submerged in a dam outside the town of Winchelsea after a bizarre road accident caused by their father’s coughing fit.  All three children died; the father survived.
Regardless of what...

A Morbid Habit by Annie Hauxwell

A Morbid Habit is the third novel in Annie Hauxwell's Catherine Berlin series and to my mind, it's her best yet. Set mostly in Russia, A Morbid Habit is as bleak and dark as a Moscow winter. The plot is satisfyingly complex, the suspense razor sharp, and the characters ...

The Fourth Season – A Sandra Mahoney Mystery by Dorothy Johnston

The Fourth Season is the fourth book in Dorothy Johnston’s mystery quartet featuring her private investigator, Sandra Mahoney. Other regular characters in the series are Mahoney’s partner (and father of her younger child, a six year old girl), Ivan Semyonov, and her friend Detective Sergeant Brook of the Federal Police.
The book is set in Canberra and politics...

Fatal Impact by Kathryn Fox

Dr Anya Crichton is a forensic pathologist, and is the main character in all of Kathryn Fox’s seven crime novels. Regular readers will be familiar with Fox’s taut, fast-paced stories and will have come to know Crichton as a strong, independent woman who is professionally brilliant, but who struggles with her personal circumstances.
Fatal Impact is set in Tasmania...

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