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The Scent of Murder by Felicity Young

The Scent of Murder, the third book in the historical mystery series involving autopsy surgeon Dr Dody McClelland, is a fascinating exploration of the period as well as a very satisfying crime plot. Set in the time of the suffragist movement there is a significant amount of period and forensic research behind the writing but the information is skilfully woven into the story and never...

Drowned Vanilla by Livia Day

Drowned Vanillais book two of the Café La Femme series – a culinary crime novel. The ice cream obsessed Tabitha regrets her earlier entanglement with solving crime in A Trifle Dead. She is now focussed on developing all ice cream flavours (except vanilla which everyone else wants) in her hipster café and sorting out her somewhat confused love life. Tabitha...

Northern Heat by Helene Young

Northern Heatbuilds suspense the way the cyclone that threatens Cooktown makes its presence felt – slowly at first, then with tendrils of heat and tension that swirl around the characters, drawing the reader into a world of lies, violence and murder.
Conor Woods has been working on a trawler and also as a coach in Cooktown’s youth centre, trying to...

Love You to Death: a story of sex, betrayal and murder gone wrong by Megan Morris

Once again, journalist and 2008 Eliminating Violence Against Women Media Award (EVA) winner, Megan Norris turns her skills to writing true crime with the story of the attempted murder of Chris Soteriou.  Beginning the story with the attack of Soteriou after his lavish 40th birthday party celebration on a street in Fitzroy, Norris builds the picture of a Greek couple who have everything...

The Herb Gardener by Maris Morton

Maris Morton, winner of the Copywrite Limited Agency (CAL) Scribe Fiction Award in 1910, has written a new novel that incorporates a couple of her past vocations.  The story revolves around the heroine Joanna and her love interest Chris and the murder of a young carpenter who had been working on Chris’s farm. 
Joanna is a school teacher, and she, with...

Tell the Truth by Katherine Howell

Katherine Howell understands the mechanics of a good thriller.  Start with a crisis then rachet up the anxiety while muddying the waters. In Howell's Tell the Truth, the crisis concerns the disappearance of a young female paramedic, whose car is discovered in a parking lot with a suspicious amount of blood on the driver's seat and floor.
Tell the...

eSide, a Journey through Cyberspace by Goldie Alexander

What a mystery! Goldie Alexander has certainly caught me intrigued in this novel with all the beautiful and descriptive language used. The adventure and justice drive in best friends, Melody and Sam leads them on all sorts of mystical adventures in order to recover the café's Good-Luck-Conch. Emotions of the characters were well conveyed through mere actions, adding another...

Present Darkness by Malla Nunn

South Africa during the 1950s and the fissures of apartheid run deep. People are divided not just by race, but also within themselves, and Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper embodies all the contradictions. 
Of course there's a crime, several in fact, to get things moving. A white prostitute is snatched from an alleyway in downtown Johannesburg; a middle class high...

Beams Falling by P.M. Newton

Beams Falling is a powerful book that explores trauma and its legacy in the guise of a police procedural.
The central character is Detective Nhu ‘Ned’ Kelly, the child of an Anglo-Australian veteran and his Vietnamese wife who were killed in front of their children, their murders unsolved. Ned first appeared in Newton’s award...

Blood Secret by Jaye Ford

Jaye Ford’s title of master of psychological suspense is well-deserved. Blood Secret is a taut thriller that draws the reader into the lives of Rennie Carter and Max Tully. After spending most of her life on the run, never staying more than six months in any one place, Rennie has found the kind of security in Haven Bay that she’d thought was only possible for ‘normal...

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