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The Fourth Season – A Sandra Mahoney Mystery by Johnston

The Fourth Season is the fourth book in Dorothy Johnston’s mystery quartet featuring her private investigator, Sandra Mahoney. Other regular characters in the series are Mahoney’s partner (and father of her younger child, a six year old girl), Ivan Semyonov, and her friend Detective Sergeant Brook of the Federal Police.
The book is set in Canberra and politics...

Fatal Impact by Kathryn Fox

Dr Anya Crichton is a forensic pathologist, and is the main character in all of Kathryn Fox’s seven crime novels. Regular readers will be familiar with Fox’s taut, fast-paced stories and will have come to know Crichton as a strong, independent woman who is professionally brilliant, but who struggles with her personal circumstances.
Fatal Impact is set in Tasmania...

Flush by Jane Clifton

Flush commences with an intriguing Prologue which frames your mind to continually wonder why and how throughout the book.  A great way to start what is a good read.
Flush is Clifton’s third crime novel, following Half Past Dead and A Hand in the Bushand as it says on the blurb Decca Brand is back.  For those who have met Decca before she is...

A Ring Through Time by Felicity Pulman

Felicity Pulman has created a truly gripping story about love, loss, discovering the truth, and doing what's right. Her teen protagonist is the perfect character to follow through the story, with her stubborn nature and curious mind. The transition from Allie's view to that of the diary is easy to follow due to the change in text type. The writing is detailed, smooth and at times,...

Moonlight and Ashes by Sophie Masson

I enjoyed this book a lot. I think it is a great adaptation on the classic fairy tale Cinderella, yet it is original and different to others I've read. I really liked the descriptions of the different settings and characters of the story; they painted a great picture in my mind. The protagonist, Serena, is courageous and brave, and I liked the different characters in the story. Although I...

Dying to Tell Me by Sherryl Clark

Sherryl Clark has hit of a winner here. Her teen protagonist, Sasha, is plucky and struggling both with moving away from where she grew up, but also coming to terms with her growing psychic ability. At the same time, she has a pesky younger brother, and is coping with a mother who has deserted the family. It is a testament to Clark’s skill as a writer that the transition to Sasha hearing...

Every Breath by Ellie Marney

Within 20 pages, I was absolutely in love with the characters and the plot.  Rachel and Mycroft connect because they’re both struggling to find out where they belong in a world that doesn’t understand them. At first I wasn’t too convinced that I’d love Mycroft as much as I did.
He was witty and outgoing, but as a romantic lead, he wasn’t...

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed by Sulari Gentill

This is the fifth book in the Rowland Sinclair series, eagerly awaited by me and yet again a book I found difficult to put down.  I have followed Roland Sinclair and his friends, Edna, the sculptress, Milton, the poet and Clyde, another artist, since the beginning, but I must stress that it is not necessary to go back to the beginning as each book is very self-contained. 

Murder with Mendelsshon by Kerry Greenwood

Now that flapper sleuth Miss Fisher is well advanced in her second series on ABC television, it’s salutary to ponder how her parallel career in crime fiction is travelling. This is not the first time an established crime writer has had to negotiate the gap between the needs of an episodic television series and what the readers like best.
P.D. James once happily...

The Dying Beach by Angela Savage

The politics of race and place are up front and centre in Angela Savage’s third crime novel to feature Australian private investigator, Jayne Keeney.  Picking up where the Bangkok-based Jayne’s previous case left her, on the precarious cusp of a relationship with an Indian information technology and business graduate five years her junior, The Dying Beach discovers...

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