Ebulletins will not be getting through to Yahoo Email Accounts

Recently we had to move the Sisters in Crime website to a different virtual server (the site is actually sitting on a machine in Pennsylvania).  We have to do this on a irregular basis if, as happened the last time, our original server company shut down their facility.

In the process of moving we end up with the occasional hiccup.  In this case we have moved to a server with an IP address (identification number) that Yahoo, in their seemingly limitless stupidity, had blocked prior to our moving to this location.  They now appear to have no way of unblocking this address.  In fact they seem to be completely unwilling to even consider the possibility. 

As a result of this all email from our server is being blocked by Yahoo.

We have spent the last few weeks in one of the most mindless, frustrating and irritating discussions with the drones at Yahoo that we've ever had to deal with.  And over 30 or so years we've had quite a few of these moments.  Normally when we're having problems like this, we contact the organisation that is blocking our email, they tell us what the problem is, we resolve it, we're unblocked.

Not Yahoo.

They, in that mindless stupidity I've already mentioned, refuse to tell us what the problem is, refuse to acknowledge that we've asked them over and over again to tell us what we need to do to remove the block which has, after all, been in place since before we moved to this server.

Their response is to point us to a form page which tells us what "could" be the problem and what we "might" be able to do to resolve it.  All of which we have done. 

We have resolved any email issues with any other email providers that we've ever had this problem with - quickly, efficiently and without the need for us to spend hours arguing with idiots.  We are now guessing that we will be blocked as long as we attempt to send email to non-existent accounts.  As we can't send email to ANY Yahoo accounts we have no idea what yahoo.com or yahoo.com.au accounts on the Sisters in Crime list are valid and which are not.


We just simply cannot keep this argument going - we're not able to resolve this issue, Yahoo are impossible to deal with.

So alas, we've got no choice.  If you have a yahoo.com or yahoo.com.au email address you won't be receiving ebulletins from Sisters in Crime, nor will you be able to register an account on the site, once we open up the site to member activities (in the very near future).

Your alternatives are:

1.  Open a gmail account - Subscribe to the ebulletins using that (use the Newsletter option in the menu right at the top of the screen).

2.  Subscribe to the email updates via http://www.sistersincrime.org.au/content/updates-email (this will solve the problem of getting updates - it won't solve the problem of being able to participate on the site unfortunately).


By all means take up the argument with Yahoo yourselves if you feel the need to do so, but we're going to drop the arguing with Yahoo.  Life's too short.