Bley, Mikaela

New Sisters in Crime Committee

Sisters in Crime Annual General meeting on 19 October elected a new committee for the next year. Seven existing committee members were re-elected: Caz Brown, Lindy Cameron (President), Lesley Gillis (Treasurer), Moraig Kisler, Pauline Meaney, Carmel Shute (Secretary) and Robyn Walton (Vice-President). Michaela Lobb did not re-stand. Two new convenors were elected: Tara Mitchell and Maryann

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Lycke by Mikaela Bley

Scribe 2017 Synopsis ‘Death, death, death,’ she whispered to herself. But it was already too late. The panic was growing inside her. On a cold and stormy Friday in May, a young girl disappears without a trace from outside Stockholm’s Royal Tennis Hall. The missing girl is Lycke, and assigned to report on her story

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