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Stella Rimington in Conversation with Dr Sue Turnbull

Sue Turnbull, co-convenor of Sisters in Crime spoke with Dame Stella Rimington about her work at the MI5, her writing and her inspirations at Readings Hawthorn. Listen to the interview here…

Janice Simpson’s Thoughts on Writing Detective Stories

I don’t know if you get annoyed too, when you get to the end of a book only to throw it on the growing pile of those whose next journey is to the op shop, regretting the time spent reading more so than the money spent purchasing it. For me this happens when the murderer

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Emma Viskic’s Thoughts On Mentoring

Sixteen years ago I moved into a new home and planted the garden I had always wanted. One of the first things I chose was a Silver Princess, a weeping eucalypt with powdered white limbs and fat, red flowers. The garden flourished, but had some problems; the lemon tree didn’t bear much fruit, the poppies

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