Goldie, Alexander

eSide by Goldie Alexander

Author: Goldie Alexander Publisher: Five Senses Education Pty Ltd, 2013 Copyright Year: 2013 Review By: Marie Lakoumentas (Year 7 student) Book Synopsis: What a mystery! Goldie Alexander has certainly caught me intrigued in this novel with all the beautiful and descriptive language used. The adventure and justice drive in best friends, Melody and Sam leads them on all sorts of

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Hedge Burners: An A-Z PI Mystery by Goldie Alexander & Marjory Gardner

Author: Goldie Alexander Publisher: Interactive Publications Copyright Year: 2009 Book Synopsis: Old cypress hedges are going up in smoke all over Grevillia, a leafy Melbourne suburb and thirteen-year-old Anna,who’s been crazy about detective work since she uncovered the culprit pinching art materials in Year 5, is determined to track down the firebugs. Her sometimes reluctant sidekick and best friend

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