Bowles, Robin

Into the Darkness – Robin Bowles

Scribe Publications 2016 Reviewer: Jane Jago Synopsis On 2 December 2010, the body of 24-year-Pheobe Handsjuk is found at the bottom of the rubbish chute in the luxury Balencea apartments, in St Kilda Road, Melbourne, where she lived with her boyfriend, Antony Hampel. It emerges that Phoebe was a beautiful, damaged young woman embroiled in

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Smoke and Mirrors – Robin Bowles

Review by Suzanne Bozorth-Baines Echo Publishing 2015 Synopsis It is a tragedy and a love story as well as a murder – the story of how celebrated interior designer Stuart Rattle met his untimely death, killed by his beloved and loving partner, Michael O’Neill. The bizarre circumstances were the talk of Melbourne society, design circles,

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