Flint, Shamini

Inspector Singh Investigates: A Frightfully English Execution – Shamini Flint

Reviewer: Sandra Nicholson Publisher – piatkus 2016 Synopsis Inspector Singh is irate.  He’s been instructed to attend a Commonwealth conference on policing in London: a job for paper-pushers, not real cops, as far as he is concerned. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, his wife is determined to come along to shop for souvenirs

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A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul by Shamini Flint

Book Summary Author: Shamini Flint Publisher: Piaktus Copyright Year: 2009 No of Pages: 292 Review By: Carmel Shute Book Synopsis: If you have not tried them yet, get onto the excellent Inspector Singh series by Shamini Flint, a new runner in the burgeoning field of crime fiction set in exotic locales and featuring unprepossessing-looking overweight local detectives. This, the second

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