Honey Brown

Dark Horse by Honey Brown – 2014 Davitt Winner

Author: Honey Brown Publisher: Penguin / Michael Joseph Copyright Year: 2013 ISBN: 9781921901539 Review By: Angela Savage and Lesley Vick Book Synopsis: I’ll admit upfront that I think Honey Brown is one of the best writers of psychological thrillers in Australia today. Her latest novel Dark Horse only confirms my good opinion of her work. Dark Horse opens Christmas morning as

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After The Darkness by Honey Brown

Author: Honey Brown Publisher: Penguin Books Australia Copyright Year: 2012 ISBN: 9780670075973 Review By: Karen Chisholm and Susan Woldenberg Butler Book Synopsis: The problem I had with an earlier book of Honey Brown’s was that whilst the thriller aspects of the book really worked, I was less convinced by the post-apocalyptic scenario and the happy ever after ending. AFTER THE DARKNESS

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Red Queen by Honey Brown

Author: H.M. Brown Publisher: Penguin Books Australia Copyright Year: 2009 Review By: Rose Mercer Book Synopsis: Shannon and Rohan Scott have retreated to their family’s cabin in the Australian bush to escape a virus-ravaged world.  After months of isolation, Shannon imagines there’s nothing he doesn’t know about his older brother, or himself – until a stranger slips under their late-night

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