Jinks, Catherine

Charlatan – Catherine Jinks

Vintage Books, 2017 Reviewer: Emma Goodwin   Synopsis Thomas Guthrie Carr was charged by Eliza Gray with mesmerising her and raping her while she was under his influence. But if mesmerism and Mr Carr were shams, was Eliza really raped? With a driving narrative and novelistic pacing, this scrupulously researched account of the life of

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Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks

Author: Catherine Jinks Publisher: Allen and Unwin Review By: Tanya King Book Synopsis: Genius Squad is the sequel to Catherine Jinks’ 2006 Davitt Young Adult award-winning, Evil Genius. Cadel Piggott, boy genius, returns, but this time he’s trying to make it on the side of good, rather than evil. Cadel is faced with the grim prospect of killing time

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