La Plante, Lynda

Tennison by Lynda La Plante

Author: Lynda La Plante Publisher: Simon and Schuster Copyright Year: 2015 Review By: Diana Olsberg Book Synopsis: In 1973 Jane Tennison, aged 22, leaves the Metropolitan Police Training Academy to be placed on probationary exercise in Hackney where criminality thrives. We witness her struggle to cope in a male-dominated, chauvinistic environment, learning fast to deal

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Twisted by Lynda La Plante

Author: Lynda La Plante Publisher: Simon & Schuster Copyright Year: 2014 Review By: Ann Byrne Book Synopsis: ‘Please don’t let anything bad to have happened to her, please don’t let anything to have happened to my baby……’ Marcus and Lena Fulford are the envy of their friends. Wealthy, attractive and successful, the couple, with their

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Cold Case (Mercedes Coffin in the US) by Faye Kellerman

Book Summary Author: Faye Kellerman Publisher: Harper Collins Australia Review By: Rose Copyright Year: 2008 Book Synopsis: The 17th novel in the series featuring LAPD Lt. Peter Decker and wife Rina Lazarus is patchy to say the least. Sadly, Faye Kellerman, stilla best selling author, seems to be struggling with plot and innovation in this book. As the

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