Martin, PD

The Killing Hands by P.D. Martin

Author: P.D. Martin Publisher: Pan Mcmillan Copyright Year: 2009 No of Pages: 393 pages Review By: Gayle Sutherland This novel is the fourth in a series featuring Sophie Anderson, an Australian criminal profiler working in the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI. She is brought in to help solve the murder of an unknown victim whose throat was ripped

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Kiss Of Death by PD Martin

Author: P.D. Martin Publisher: Pan Mcmillan Reviewed by: Jacqui Horwood Book Synopsis: In Kiss of Death, PD Martin has tapped into the zeitgeist and woven a story around idea of modern day vampires living in Los Angeles. FBI profiler Sophie Anderson is called in by the local police when a body of a woman is found with puncture wounds

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