Masson, Sophie

The Understudy’s Revenge by Sophie Masson

Author: Sophie Masson Publisher: Scholastic Press Copyright Year: 2011 Review By: Sylvia Loader and Sue Bursztynski As the title suggests, this book for young adults is set in the world of the theatre. Millie Osborne, the heroine, is the daughter of the general manager of King’s Company which is busy rehearsing a production of Hamlet.

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Moonlight And Ashes by Sophie Masson

Author: Sophie Masson Publisher: Random House Australia Copyright Year: 2012 ISBN: 978-1-74275-379-9 No of Pages: 318 Review By: Olivia Mann (Year 8) Book Synopsis: I enjoyed this book a lot. I think it is a great adaptation on the classic fairy tale Cinderella, yet it is original and different to others I’ve read. I really liked the descriptions of the different settings

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