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Kiss Of Death by PD Martin

Author: P.D. Martin Publisher: Pan Mcmillan Reviewed by: Jacqui Horwood Book Synopsis: In Kiss of Death, PD Martin has tapped into the zeitgeist and woven a story around idea of modern day vampires living in Los Angeles. FBI profiler Sophie Anderson is called in by the local police when a body of a woman is found with puncture wounds

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Cold Justice by Katherine Howell

Author: Katherine Howell Publisher: Pan Mcmillan Copyright Year: 2008 Review By: Jacqui Horwood and Phyllis King In Cold Justice, Katherine Howell’s wonderful Detective Ella Marconi has just returned from injury to active duty. She finds herself in the Unsolved Homicides unit and is welcomed by the unit boss with what is his usual line to new members – “The

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Blood Born by Kathryn Fox

Author: Kathyrn Fox Publisher: Pan McMillan Reviewed by: Jacqui Horwood Copyright Year: 2009 Book Synopsis: For pathologist and forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton, the death of a gang rape victim hours before she is due to give evidence at trial is a double tragedy. The violent Harbourn brothers, the girl’s accused attackers, now look like they will escape prosecution.

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Red Queen by Honey Brown

Author: H.M. Brown Publisher: Penguin Books Australia Copyright Year: 2009 Review By: Rose Mercer Book Synopsis: Shannon and Rohan Scott have retreated to their family’s cabin in the Australian bush to escape a virus-ravaged world.  After months of isolation, Shannon imagines there’s nothing he doesn’t know about his older brother, or himself – until a stranger slips under their late-night

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A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill – 2011 Davitt Award Entry

Author: Sulari Gentill Publisher: Pantera Press Copyright Year: 2010 ISBN: 978-0-9807418-1-0 No of Pages: 349 Review By: Karen Chisholm Book Synopsis: Rowland Sinclair is an artist and a gentleman.  In Australia’s 1930’s, the Sinclair name is respectable and influential, yet Rowland has a talent for scandal. Even with thousands of unemployed lining the streets, Rowland’s sheltered world is one of exorbitant wealth,

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The Half-Child by Angela Savage

Author: Angela Savage Publisher: Text Publishing Copyright Year: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-921656-54-5 No of Pages: 322 Review By: Karen Chisholm Book Synopsis: Jayne has been hired to investigate the alleged suicide of a young Australian woman in a seedy Thai coastal town.  But Maryanne Delbeck’s death is not the only mystery awaiting Jayne among Pattaya’s neon signs and go-go bars.  While working undercover

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Golden Relic by Lindy Cameron

Author: Lindy Cameron Publisher: Clan Destine Press Copyright Year: 2010 ISBN: ebook Review By: Karen Chisholm Book Synopsis: When Professor Lloyd Marsden is found murdered in the Museum of Victoria, Special Detective Sam Diamond is assigned to catch the killer. Thrown into a world of obsessive collectors, strange poisons, funerary rites and ancient artefacts, Sam’s photographic memory and cryptic crossword skills

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Thrill City by Leigh Redhead

Author: Leigh Redhead Publisher: Allen & Unwin Copyright Year: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-74114-737-7 No of Pages: 438 Review By: Karen Chisholm Book Synopsis: Simone Kirsch, ex-stripper, sleuth and bad girl, is back in business – and before she has time to crack open a bottle of cheap champagne to celebrate the launch of her very own detective agency, she’s up to her neck

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Cold Case (Mercedes Coffin in the US) by Faye Kellerman

Book Summary Author: Faye Kellerman Publisher: Harper Collins Australia Review By: Rose Copyright Year: 2008 Book Synopsis: The 17th novel in the series featuring LAPD Lt. Peter Decker and wife Rina Lazarus is patchy to say the least. Sadly, Faye Kellerman, stilla best selling author, seems to be struggling with plot and innovation in this book. As the

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