B M Carroll

Number 10: The milestone or the millstone? – B.M. Carroll

Having just submitted my tenth novel, I find myself reflecting on the craft of writing and some of the challenges that come with having a long backlist. I was in my late twenties when I started writing my first novel. Writing was a hobby, a way of escaping the stress of my corporate job. I

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Crime and Cocktails – Sisters in Crime’s Port Phillip Seniors’ Festival event –  now online

Nearly eighty people signed up to watch Crime and Cocktails, Sisters in Crime’s Port Phillip Seniors’ Festival event, on Friday night, 16 October. For a change, the event was live but the talents of compere, Tara Mitchell, NSW author Ber Carroll and our behind-the-scenes Zoom Queen, Kelly Gardiner, ensured it went off pretty smoothly. It

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Crime and cocktails: Sisters in Crime at Port Phillip Seniors Festival

B M Carroll will be talking to Tara Mitchell about her latest book, Who We Were (Allen & Unwin, 2020), a suburban noir thriller about a school reunion that goes badly wrong. Bring out your inner mixologist – bloody or virgin, cocktail or mocktail – and watch this live, online event, 6-7pm Friday 16 October.

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