Crimson Lake

Best holiday crime reads

Sisters in Crime asked authors and convenors which two books they’d recommend for holiday reading. Here’s what they said: ANN BYRNE (Sisters in Crime Life Member) The Long Drop – Denise Mina (Penguin Books Australia – 2017) : The Long Drop is Denise Mina’s first foray into true crime. It is the story of Peter

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“A gun has only one answer.” Q&A with Candice Fox

Robyn Walton, National co-convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia, spoke to Sydney-based author  Candice Fox about her latest book, Crimson Lake, (Bantam, 2017).  Hi Candice. Thanks for taking our questions. “A gun has only one answer.” That’s what your narrator, Ted, tells us in the first paragraph of Crimson Lake. The only company he’s had

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Treacherous waters: new undercurrents in crime

Authors Candice Fox, Tania Chandler and Fiona Capp talk to Jacqui Horwood about their new novels – all with water as the scene of the crime – and much, much more.