Helen Thomas

Sisters in Crime@ Williamstown Literary Festival

Out of The Shadows: True Crime Comes of Age explores the rise and rise of true crime. How does the public’s interest in true stories affect their reading habits? Where will this brave new world lead us? Vikki Petraitis grills Claire Halliday, Helen Thomas and Liz Porter to find out. 3-4pm Saturday 15 June Chamber

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Get a taste of the 2019 Williamstown Literary Festival – The ‘anti true-crime podcast’ with Claire Halliday

Claire Halliday, journalist and author, talks to Tara Mitchell, Sisters in Crime National Convenor, about her new podcast and upcoming True Crime Panel at the Williamstown Literary Festival, Saturday June 15.   You’re launching a new podcast later in 2019, which is connected to one of Australia’s most infamous unsolved crimes, the disappearance of the

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