Joanna Baker

A murder mystery about mystery itself – Q&A with Joanna Baker

Joanna’s latest book is The Slipping Place (Impact Press, 2018) and she spoke about her literary trajectory with Robyn Walton, Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President. Hi, Joanna. First let’s talk about your crime and mystery writing for young adults. In 2005 you won Sisters in Crime’s Davitt Award for Best Young Adult Novel for Devastation Road.

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Felonious communities and fractured families

Jennifer Lane, Jennifer Spence and Joanna Baker talk to Vikki Petraitis about the murderous intertwining of love and family secrets, and its place in broader society.   All Our Secrets (Rosa Mira Books, 2017; Clan Destine Press, 2018), by ex-patriate Jennifer Lane, is set in the small fictional NSW town of Coongahoola where hundreds of ‘Believers’ arrive

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Reading Agatha Christie on the Lonely Edge of the World: Joanna Baker

I don’t know why I write books. I just started one day and never seemed to stop. Familiar anyone? I do know why my books are all murder mysteries, though. And I know exactly when my writing really started. As a kid growing up in Hobart, I had a quiet life. Mostly, I just read.

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