Meshel Laurie

Geelong Regional Libraries – Rachael Brown and Vikki Petraitis – Lawyer X

Join Geelong Regional Libraries for this special preview event ahead of the 2020 Word for Word National Non-Fiction Festival. On the panel are ABC investigative reporter and creator of new podcast Trace 2: The Informer, Rachael Brown, and author of Cops, Drugs, Lawyer X and Me, award-winning true crime writer, Vikki Petraitis. They will be joined by

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Get a taste of the 2019 Williamstown Literary Festival – The ‘anti true-crime podcast’ with Claire Halliday

Claire Halliday, journalist and author, talks to Tara Mitchell, Sisters in Crime National Convenor, about her new podcast and upcoming True Crime Panel at the Williamstown Literary Festival, Saturday June 15.   You’re launching a new podcast later in 2019, which is connected to one of Australia’s most infamous unsolved crimes, the disappearance of the

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