Robin Gregory

Readings Zoom event: Robin Gregory in conversation with Philomena Horsley

Readings is delighted to be hosting a conversation between crime author, Robin Gregory, and award-winning short story writer Philomena Horsley, about Robin’s debut novel, Traffic. Sandi Kent, Melbourne Private Investigator, has her hopes for an easy December dashed when two complicated cases crash into her lap, one from her volatile ex-girlfriend. As Sandi juggles the

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Seeking justice through the crime novel : Q&A with Robin Gregory

Sisters in Crime’s Vice-President, Robyn Walton, spoke to Robin Gregory about her debut crime novel, Traffic (Clan Destine Press).  Hello Robin. Is Traffic your first publication? And what led you to choose crime fiction? Thanks for the opportunity, Robyn. In relation to the first half of your question, I self-published a thriller called Novice Death

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