Sisters in Crime

Domestic Noir: Why the family is a cauldron for crime

Murders, infidelity, custody disputes, abductions and incarcerations can bring domestic living to boiling point, making the home an unsafe place to be – especially for women and children. Together, host Vikki Petraitis and authors Anne Buist, Megan Norris and Emily Webb will compare and contrast the approaches taken by novelists and true crime authors to

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The Pantser and the Plotter

  Sara Foster At the beginning of my writing career I was most definitely a pantser, which is writing-speak for flying by the seat of one’s pants, rather than assiduously plotting out a novel. It took me four years to write Come Back to Me, and most of it was done in my spare time

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The gritty, realistic and persistent story idea

Sarah Bailey: When the premise of The Dark Lake first popped into my mind, I swiftly pushed it away. It was April 2015 and I was around 25,000 words into another manuscript, a story that I was really passionate about. 25,000 words was the closest I had gotten to a finished book and I was incredibly

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