Vanda Symon

Vanda Symon – pharmacist, fencer and NZ crime queen

After a six-month hiatus, Murder Mondays are back, but with a difference. The one-on-one author interviews which proved so popular during last year’s pandemic won’t be weekly this time round. They’ll be monthly but national co-convenor (and author), Karina Kilmore, will still be the one asking the tough questions. This month, Karina put fellow-Kiwi, Vanda

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Crime across the ditch: Lucy Sussex reports on Rotorua Noir

New Zealand is a country of firsts, and Rotorua Noir was its debut crime fiction convention, held over the Australia Day weekend, 2019. The venue, appropriately the Shambles Theatre, was small, but a perfect confab resulted. Writers appeared from NZ, but also Australia (Michael Rowbotham), Iceland, Finland and the North of the British Isles. Rotorua

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