Vivienne Colmer

Vox pops from SheKilda3, Sisters in Crime’s 25th anniversary convention

Hear what participants at SheKilda3, Sisters in Crime’s 25th anniversary convention, held on 19 November 2016 had to say about Sisters in Crime, the convention and much much more. Late President Vivienne Colmer is first off the rank and she’s joined by former convenors Phyllis King and Kelly Marshall plus authors Melanie Myer, Fin J Ross and Bronwyn

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Celebrating the life of Vivienne Colmer, Sisters in Crime’s late president

Over a hundred people from all over Australia came together on Saturday 8 April at Melbourne’s  St Kilda Bowling Club to celebrate the life of Vivienne Colmer. Vivienne, who was Sisters in Crime’s first Life Member,  became its second President in October. She sadly died of cancer in January. Vivienne, who was born in Khartoum

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