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“A gun has only one answer.” Q&A with Candice Fox

Robyn Walton, National co-convenor of Sisters in Crime Australia, spoke to Sydney-based author  Candice Fox about her latest book, Crimson Lake, (Bantam, 2017).  Hi Candice. Thanks for taking our questions. “A gun has only one answer.” That’s what your narrator, Ted, tells us in the first paragraph of Crimson Lake. The only company he’s had

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99 books of murderous intent in contention for Sisters in Crime’s 17th Davitt Awards

A record 99 books of murderous intent are in contention for Sisters in Crime Australia’s 17th Davitt Awards. Sixty-three are adult crime novels. Davitt judges’ wrangler, Jacqui Horwood, said women’s crime writing had exploded over the past 17 years. “When the Davitt Awards were set up back in 2001, there were only seven books competing,

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(Sex) Crime and Punishment

For its 11th Law Week event, Sisters in Crime Australia is joining forces with the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University to explore Victoria’s trail-blazing approach as to how sex crimes are treated and how they are monitored through the Victorian Sexual Offences List and the Victorian Register of Sex Offenders. Professor Bronwyn Naylor will interrogate

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Crime at its Best – Queenscliffe Literary Festival

Author and Sisters in Crime member, Dorothy Johnston, will compere a panel of top crime writers – Jane Harper, Jock Serong and Mark Smith – at the Queenscliffe Literary Festival on Saturday 13 May. They’ll be debating how their strong rural and coastal themes build their plots. The Queenscliffe Literary Festival runs each weekend over May.

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Everyone is an outlaw

FIONA CAPP: I first came to crime through listening to the Stan Freburg satires of hard boiled police investigations such as St George and the Dragon Net and Little Blue Riding Hood on an antique gramophone. Later I binged on Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler. But I never thought, I want to write a crime novel.

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Another Stella performance by Heather Rose

Congratulations to Heather Rose who won the Stella Prize and $50,000 on 18  April. Heather won Sisters in Crime’s Davitt Award for best adult novel in 2006 with The Butterfly Man (University of Queensland Press). It was based on a fictional Lord Lucan ending up in Tasmania. The ending brought many to tears. Click here to

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Vox pops from SheKilda3, Sisters in Crime’s 25th anniversary convention

Hear what participants at SheKilda3, Sisters in Crime’s 25th anniversary convention, held on 19 November 2016 had to say about Sisters in Crime, the convention and much much more. Late President Vivienne Colmer is first off the rank and she’s joined by former convenors Phyllis King and Kelly Marshall plus authors Melanie Myer, Fin J Ross and Bronwyn

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Plunging into treacherous waters

Authors Candice Fox , Tania Chandler  and Fiona Capp  joined Jacqui Horwood in Melbourne on 31 March to discuss their new books – all with water as the scene of the crime. (Featured photo (l-r) Jacqui Horwood, Fiona Capp, Tania Chandler and Candice Fox.) The authors just didn’t dip their toes – they plunged in!!

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Celebrating the life of Vivienne Colmer, Sisters in Crime’s late president

Over a hundred people from all over Australia came together on Saturday 8 April at Melbourne’s  St Kilda Bowling Club to celebrate the life of Vivienne Colmer. Vivienne, who was Sisters in Crime’s first Life Member,  became its second President in October. She sadly died of cancer in January. Vivienne, who was born in Khartoum

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Treacherous waters: new undercurrents in crime

Authors Candice Fox, Tania Chandler and Fiona Capp talk to Jacqui Horwood about their new novels – all with water as the scene of the crime – and much, much more.