Xanthé Mallett

A Criminologist’s Role in Miscarriages of Justice: Xanthé Mallett

My background is forensic science – specifically forensic anthropology, think Dr Temperance Brennan from the TV series Bones.  I still work with the police, often focusing on image analysis these days, comparing suspect images to a person of interest, this could be a suspect or another person the police wish to identify for operational reasons.

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Gathering Dark with Candice Fox

Enjoy a night of crime on Tuesday 31 March with BAD Sydney at the launch of Candice Fox’s new thriller Gathering Dark. We begin the night with our Great Trivia Slam (special book prizes for the winners). Then Candice Fox, one of Australia’s most acclaimed crime writers, will be speaking for the first time about

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BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival: Friday 6 – Sunday 8 September

BAD Sydney Crime Writers Festival just got a whole lot badder this year. It has events with Val McDermid, Candice Fox, Sue Turnbull,  Sulari Gentill, Emily Maguire, Aoife Clifford, Catherine du Peloux Menagé, Suzie Miller, Bri Lee, Hilary Bonney, Nicole Abadee, Susan Hurley, Katherine Kovacic, Felicity McLean, Caroline Overington, Suzanne Leal, Jacyln Moriarty, Nicola Moriarty,  Xanthé Mallett, Ava Benny-Morrison,

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